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Cornelle's Zoid Palace
How to Battle


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How to Battle
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How to Battle

Hey, this is cornelle here, and I'm gonna teach you Hip Kats how to fight! It's nothing hard, really. Just keep the basics in mind, and you'll be fine! Okay then. Just so you'll know, there is one types of battles. chat battles. No one is better than the other in terms of experience or anything, so don't try to figure out which one will get you to a higher rank quicker. *laughs* So, anyways, there is also one more type of fighting. These are team matches, sanctioned by the ZBC. In them, a team of zoid warriors battle it out within a thirty mile radius and the last team standing is the victor. These battles are played out on chat.

So, here's how to fight.

When you attack, you have to type what you are attacking with, and what you are aiming for. What do i mean? Let me show you....

Gust RedCloude, in his blade liger is fighting Bit Cloud, in his ultimate x.

Gust runs at Bit

Gust uses his blades on bits left leg

Bit jumps to the left

Bit charges gust

Bit uses his strike laser claws on Gust's head

Bit Hits his head

Gust falls to the ground, then slowly gets up and faces bit.

Gust charges at bit and jumps

Gust uses his blades on bits head

Gust hits his head

Bit stands again, and charges Gust at full speed

Bit uses strike laser claw on gusts left leg

Gust dodges to the right

So then, that's basically how a fight works out. And hopfully this one is better and easyer

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